Remember first that it will not guarantee a win for the bird but a less stressing flight home!! Win or lose, my priority is to see my "valued" racers back home.

Materials needed:

1. Get the same number/side of flight..Kung 6th flight sa right wing ganoon din ang ipalit..never sa left side kung right side papalitan. Kumuha ng flight na pamalit sa K na buhay pa, para matibay hindi brittle. Mas mahaba muna ang kunin kaysa sa papalitang flight.

2. Maghanda ng "stem implant" material at least 2 inches in length. Ito yung "flexible solid plastic" na ibabaon mo sa loob ng flight para matibay.Iwasan yung may butas sa gitna dahil madaling mabale.

3. Maghanda ng "quick drying glue" (Mighty bond ok na)

4. Scissors.

STEP I. Gupitin o bawasan ng dahan dahan ang broken flight hanggang umabot sa part na may "hollow" o butas sa gitna. Approx. 1 ½ inches mula sa base ng pakpak. Isukat ang "stem implant" at ihasa o bawasan ito hanggang ito ay maipasok, at least 1 inch sa loob ng broken flight.

STEP II. Kunin ang "replacement flight" at tignan ang "hollow" part nito sa base at isukat ito sa broken flight kung tama ang haba ng nakuha. Cut it to the desired length needed but priority should be given to the lenght of hollow part kasi doon isusuksok and kabilang side ng "stem implant" natin. At least 1 inch din ang pwedeng pasukin ng plastic natin. Mas mahaba mas matibay… tama ba yun…lol

STEP 3. Isubok isuksok ang "stem implant sa" replacement feather at ang kabila sa broken flight. Dapat magtagpo ang joints o dulo ng dalawa habang nasa loob ang "stem implant". Make final adjustments until desired flight is attained.

STEP 4. Apply glue to the "stem implant" and insert it to the replacement flight. Wipe out excess glue and let it dry.

SREP 5. Insert the other end of the "stem implant" of the replacement flight to the broken flight..first do not apply glue. When all is well with you, apply the glue on the "stem implant" and insert it to the broken flight. wipe out excess glue immediately and
apply baby powder around the joined flights to avoid accidental sticking on flights.

NOTE: I prefer doing this at night so that the bird and flight will settle well.
Do not follow the books that advises using pins or toothpick glued alongside the stem of flights or just applying glue on slantly cut flights..it doeasn't work as well as the one I prepared. The success of the splicing lies very much on the "stem implant" and glue that you use. I was successful in using a cut up part of a coffee stirrer but you may have some better materials. Just bear in mind that it should be light, flexible and strong. Test it to destruction first.