REGULAR MIX (Young Birds)

Because of its smaller seeds, many of our breeders use our Regular mix as a breeder or young bird mixture.Small Pigeon Corn, Hard Spring Wheat, Trapper Peas, Red Milo, White Milo, #1 White Proso Millet, #1 Red Proso Millet, Green Peas and Buckwheat.

Protein: 14.1% Fats: 2.7% Carbs: 66.5% Fiber: 4.0% Ash: 2.3%


Racer MIX (Racing)

This is our best Racing mixture which should be used even before the racing season starts, to get the best racing results with your birds. Small Pigeon Corn, Safflower, White Milo, Paddy Rice, Red Corn, Red Milo, Bird Pellets, Long Brown Rice, Oil Sunflower Seed, Peanuts, Spring Wheat, Oat Groats, Flax Seed, Canary Seed, Malt Barley, Common Vetch, Toasted Soya Beans, Buckwheat, Mung Beans and Anise Seed.

Protein: 11.9% Fats: 9.6% Carbs: 55.3% Fiber: 7.7% Ash: 3.3%



This is an excellent Breeder and Moulting Mix, made from a combination of several of the best mixtures in Europe today.Trapper Peas, Hard Spring Wheat, Small Pigeon Corn, Small Corn, Malt Barley, Maple Peas, Peanuts, Red Milo, White Milo, Safflower, Common Vetch, Hulled Sunflower, Rape Seed, Yellow Proso Millet, Sterilized Hemp Seed and Paddy Rice.

Protein: 15.4% Fats: 5.8% Carbs: 60.6% Fiber: 4.7% Ash: 2.3%



This is an excellent Depurative mixture made from Moore?s best seeds.Ontario Barley, Hard Spring Wheat, Hard Winter Wheat, White Milo, Safflower, Long Brown Rice, Red Milo, Yellow Proso Millet, Oat Groats, Flax Seed (linseed) and Canary Seed.

Protein: 11.4% Fats: 1.3% Carbs: 61.3% Fiber: 5.1% Ash: 5.3%



This is a new mixture that has replace the old "Diet Mixture" from days past. This mix is based on the best European mixtures on the market today. Pigeon Corn, White Milo, Safflower, Hard Spring Wheat, Groats, Paddy Rice, Maple Peas, Toasted Soya Beans, Common Vetch, Mung Beans and Large Sweet Rape Seed.

Protein: 13.9% Fats: 7.3% Carbs: 58.4% Fiber: 6.2% Ash: 3.1%